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Home Sharing in iTunes is designed to let you share and transfer content between multiple iTunes libraries on your home network, and stream from those libraries to an iOS device or Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation). If you have got one iPad 3, iPhone 4S, or iPod Touch, you are likely to use home sharing on iPad/iPhone/iPod in order to stream movies, music from multiple computers. Apple's latest software update, iOS 4.3, lets you share music, videos, and podcasts between your computers and iOS devices without burdening your device's storage.

Home Sharing requires:

1) The latest version of iTunes.
2) An Apple ID. For more information, see Frequently asked questions about Apple ID.
3) A Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to a home network with active Internet connection.

Once you set up your Home Sharing account on your computers and devices, sharing is easy. Here's how to do it:

A: Set up your Home Sharing account

1. Download and run iTunes 10.6 on your computer.
2. Go to the "Advanced" menu, select "Turn on Home Sharing".
3. Enter your Apple ID credentials.

Now you'll need to do the same on your iOS device. On any device, go to "Settings," "iPod," and enter the same Apple ID credentials. If you want to access a computer with a different Apple ID association, you'll have to enter that one instead.

Note: iTunes limits users to five computers per Home Sharing account, so if you've reached your limit (as Apple will tell you), deauthorize one of the computers. To do so, go to iTunes, head to the "Store" menu, and then "Deauthorize this computer."

B: Access iTunes Home Sharing from an iOS Device

Make sure your an Apple devide (iPad 3, iPphone 4S, Apple TV 3, or iPod Touch) and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then, head to "iPod," tap "Library" in the sidebar, and select the name of the iTunes library from the pop-up window.

You’ll need to have iOS 4.3 or later installed, you can upgrade through iTunes but if you have a newer device than you probably are on a new enough iOS version. Once you have it updated, grab your iOS device and…

  • *Tap on “Settings”
  • *Tap on “iPod”
  • *Scroll down to “Home Sharing” and enter the same AppleID credentials you used to setup Home Sharing on your Mac/PC with iTunes
  • *Exit “Settings” and tap on iPod
  • *Tap on the “More” tab
  • *Tap on “Shared” at the bottom of the list
  • *Select the computer name of the shared library you want to access
  • *You’ll now be in the familiar iPod app, except that you’ll have full access to the iTunes Home Share of the computer you selected, this includes music, playlists, and video.

You now have full access to your computers iTunes media library and playlists directly from your iPhone or iPad. All media will be streamed wirelessly to the iOS hardware, no files are copied or synced.

C: Access iTunes Home Sharing from another Mac or Windows PC

With Home Sharing you can also access any local iTunes media library from any other local Mac or PC.

Follow the instructions above to enable Home Sharing on the local machine, enter the same Apple ID
Look in the iTunes sidebar under “Sharing” and click on the shared library name you want to access


Sharing has been around in iTunes for a while now but iTunes Home Sharing has really refined this feature, especially since you can access the media from now any Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Apple TV.

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