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9 novembre 2012 5 09 /11 /novembre /2012 04:24

Breaking their traditional annual product cycles, Apple announced its 4th iteration of the iPad series, with the new iPad 3 only hitting shelves in March of this year. Apple will replace iPad 3 with an Retina Display iPad 4 if you get the iPad 3 within 30 days. Interestingly, the 4th generation iPad has been released to completely replace the 3rd generation, and has now been named "iPad with Retina display." Why Apple will replace the iPad 3 with iPad 4? Let us learn about the comparison betwwen iPad 3 and iPad 4.


Both the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 come with Apple's Retina display. Although "only" packing 264ppi, unlike the iPhone 5's 326ppi, the iPad's still have market-leading screens.


Apple might not have upgraded the screen, but it did upgrade the front-facing camera. The iPad 3 came with a 0.3MP standard definition offering, whereas the iPad 4 makes full use of the Retina display for video chatting with a 1.2MP HD camera.


Building upon the iPad 2, the iPad 3 comes rocking a dual core A5X processor, with a quad core GPU. However, the iPad 4 packs Apple's latest A6X processor, which Apple says "doubles the performance of CPU tasks."


The iPad 4 comes with a battery that lasts up to 10 hours, but so does the iPad 3. Don't think that this is a bad thing though, we noted in our iPad 3 review that despite the high-resolution retina display, the battery life was "more than acceptable."


Apple's latest operating system, iOS 6, was recently launched alongside the iPhone 5, so unsurprisingly it's also featured on the iPad 4. The iPad 3 launched with iOS 5.1 but is upgradeable to iOS 6.


With the announcement of the iPad 4, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the iPad 3 would be made cheaper. Apple has different ideas, with the plan seeming to be to phase out the 3rd gen iPad.

The iPad 4 comes in at the same price of the iPad 3, with the Wi-Fi only tablets coming in at £399($US499, AU$539) £479(US$599, AU$649) and £559(US$699, AU$759) for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. The aptly named Wi-Fi + Cellular versions cost a bit more, at £499(US$629, AU$679), £579(US$729, AU$789) and £659(US$829, AU$899) for the three storage options.


The big difference between the two iPad generations lies within their connectivity options. The most obvious of these is the new 8-pin Lightning dock, first announced on the iPhone 5.

After the iPad 3 vs iPpad 4, we know that the other major difference is that the iPad 4 (Wi-Fi + Cellular version) comes LTE enabled. The iPad 3 did come enabled with 4G, however, it couldn't be used in the U.K. But, with the introduction.

In my opinion, no matter which one you have, you all can play 720p/1080p movies on it with the same video formats, 2,048×1,536 resolution and 9.7-inch screen. It means that if you want to transfer or copy vidoes, movies to iPad 4 for playback, you can just foolow the easy steps about iPad 3.


Download/Play HD WMV movies on iPad 3 in full screen

Convert/Play DVD to New iPad 3 on Mac

Copy AVI video to iPad 3 for 1080p playback on Mac

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